Bill knows what a “never give up attitude” is first hand as he ran the St. Louis marathon and was hit by a car and could not finish.  He came back the next year to complete the same course in 2:58 and qualified for the prestigious Boston Marathon at the age of 36.  He will put that same effort in on your behalf.  He wants to go to work for you now!!

Enhancing your business is our business.


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Bill Carmody began Resource Solutions LLC, after over thirty years of successful sales for major companies, such as St. Louis County Public Health Department, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, ABM Janitorial Services & One Source Building Services.


He earned a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Philosophy from St. Louis University.  Through his extensive experience in new business development and creating life long client relationships, he believed he could offer a unique service that could combine his expertise and his connections to create partnerships where everyone is a winner.


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Bill was named Kimberly-Clark Vendor Rep of the year by Butler Paper Company (a national distributor of fine and coarse paper)