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“Resource Solutions, LLC is an excellent partner and has been instrumental in our gaining “dream clients” that have helped us diversify and grow.  We can now focus totally on our core business, which is producing precision machine parts.”


Tom Havey

President Med-Vac Inc.

“I have worked with Resource Solutions, LLC on many projects from paving of our parking lots to disposable products and his sources were first class.  The result was smooth transitioning with “wow” outcomes.”

Ron Parker

IBM Corporate

Technology Center

“Resource Solutions, LLC came in quickly and did an excellent job both in bringing in an excellent contract cleaning company and a disaster restoration company.  His company has the best sources.  We have one point of contact for many building services.”

Fred Shelton

Facilities Manager

Covidien Health Care Products

“Resource Solutions, LLC has brought us a number of new clients from a St. Louis Archdiocesan School to a large corporate facility and in all cases the way was paved for us to move forward with the project and end up with a very happy client”

Christy Schlafly


Ford Hotel Supply Company