St. Louis based Resource Solutions, LLC , was founded by Bill Carmody to connect commercial and industrial buying managers with high-quality, pre-screened professional service providers.  Carmody draws on almost 30 years of marketing/ industrial sales experience and has developed  a broad network of thoroughly screened, highly ethical, cost efficient providers.  Resource Solutions, LLC provides consulting services as well as project coordination and follow through insuring quality outcomes for projects ranging from manufactured products to building services.

Resource Solutions then makes sure the process moves along smoothly insuring a quality outcome.  We believe knowing the business + client relationships = optimal quality outcomes.  We would be honored to earn your trust and your business.

Enhancing your business is our business.

Resource Solutions will set up an initial meeting with the client and explore what their unique needs are then bring in their provider to put a customized solutions package together.  Resource Solutions is basically able to take away the headaches of researching and qualifying high-quality, cost effective manufacturers/contractors.

Equals Quality Outcomes

Create Customized Solutions

What we do to help you.

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